Financing Ghanaian Smallholder Farmers; Dial: *800*996#

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Majority of Ghana’s farming population are in rural communities. Insufficient access to finance for smallholder farmers and low investment due to perceived and actual risks in lending to them limit their ability to scale production.

Over 70% of Ghana’s farming is done by small farm families, aggregated to feed large industries. Government of Ghana’s piece-meal intervention focuses on unsustainable subsidy initiatives that would most likely be discontinued with political changes.

mfarmPay is a data-driven loan origination and credit app aiming to unlock and propel billions of dollars to finance millions of African smallholder farmers.

Farmers in Ghana can apply for mfarmPay financing by dialing the code: *800* 996# and provide the requested data. This phase is for signing up of farmers interested in mfarmPay credit only. At a later date, our Field Success Personnel will contact you for field data validation and assessment for mfarmPay credit.

For any clarification or enquiries, email:

mfarmPay: Getting Ghanaian farmers introduced to parametric financing